A Light Tube Magnet

from by Particle Don

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Move over!
It's the Bulldozer!
To be the best, ya gotta stomp the rest
in an ultraviolent rules match!

Toothpick bat embedded in the skull.
Yeah, I saw that shit. Wrestled Havoc in Alabama.
At the Carnage Cup. His first tourney. Round 1.
He was part of Cult Fiction. Yeah, I had fun

watchin' that epic plunge Matt took.
When they brought it home,
Matt solidified his spot.
Looked like a million bucks.

Even though, one of his first ones.
First what? Pro deathmatches.
'Cause he began in the backyard.
With friends and family.
Set up an event, Massacre in May's Landing!

Got the funding from a Dunkin' Donuts paycheck.
That proves he was destined.
Even Zandig said to him at Cerebral,
"Matt, I knew you'd make it."
This was his first main event.
No less, against Brain Damage.

A bloody, violent contest is exactly what he wants.
You're a mess on the way home. Already see scars
on your flesh. On your epidermis. You'll invest in a
hospital bed. He stomped you, now you're the rest.

You became a statistic. Do you feel blessed?
Or do you feel like you just finished a deathmatch?
With one of the best in the business when it
comes to my favorite genre of grapplin'.

That was Deathmatch, in case you're wonderin'.
Is it a sin to be enjoyin' such a brutal test of will over
good sense? They should put mats on the outside.
Hate to see craniums collide with the floor,

like at 2012 Masters of Pain in the finals.
You couldn't see it on the film. But, I drove miles
to be there, in a chair, and felt reverberations of
Matt's skull in my feet when he took the fall.

He hit hard on the outside. Sickening sound.
Grotesque frequency heard all around the rink.
Matt's skull hit the 'crete. It made him bleed.
Not to mention, when

Matt dangled there at Tangled Web.
Where were you when this took place?

I was watching live on a stream.
IPPV. Wasn't thrown properly off the scaffolding.
His head hit the tables. He got mangled.
The spot got botched. I felt bad for Tremont.

He's a fuckin' beast, man. Never layin' on the mat
for too long before he is right back at it.
When he wrestled Abdullah, I was ecstatic.
He's a light tube magnet. Bit a tube, cut his damn lip.


I know I'm right when I say the Bulldozer's hype
when he strikes through the curtain;
walks down the entrance.
Back in '01, he was a fan. Sittin' where I am.
10 years later, main evented with Damage.

I manage to gain inspiration from Matt, since
being a wrestler was his main focus.
South Side Wrecking Crew; tearin' it up at
The Arena. Drinkin' up the brew by the liter.

In Seaside Heights, Matt Filled the Void.
At Cage of Death, he fell for a long time.
At Stricktly Nsane, he was among the top names.
At the finals, Carnage Cup 7, took Danny's place.

Vs. NDC and Pinky.
In ICW worked for Jack Sabbath.
Wrestlin' on Queens Boulevard.
Worked Devon for the first time in May at Beyond.

Debuted at Prelude for the 'Dub.
Wrestled Sanchez at the Alhambra.
Went from a fan to ridin' in a van down to Cullman
Alabam. Took a slam hard onto a shopping cart.


from Deathmatch EP, released January 10, 2015
Lyrics: Particle Don - Music: Dementid



all rights reserved


Particle Don Ohio

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